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How to Give by Will
Giving money or assets to charities by Will can be an especially tax effective way to reduce Inheritance tax.

Our Wills facilities allows donors to create a Codicil (an add-on) to their existing Will to create a legacy (gift) to bequeath money or assets to charities on their passing.

Prior Wills
If a donor does not already have a Will, s/he must contact a lawyer to create a Will. For donors who already have a Will, s/he can use the PureCharity system to generate a Codicil to add the charity as a beneficiary to his/her will.

For Charities
For charities, the facility is in place immediately on registration without any further action.

For Donors
To use the system, donors should find the charity in the Charities section to whom they want to bequeath and click the "Will" button. They simply need to fill in the form and click the "Post" button.

It is very important that they follow instructions to the letter, or the Codicil may be invalidated. In particular, they need to read the notes at the foot of the form before the clicking the Post button. Then, when they have clicked the button, they need to read and follow the Instructions about what they need to do next to print out and sign correctly the Codicil.
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