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How to Sell Goods/Services
Our Sales facilities allow charities to sell goods or services online, without charge. They are intended for simple "one off" items. At every point of sale, the buyer is given the option to donate an additional voluntary amount to the charity if they wish to do so.

What you get
For goods, charities might want to sell art works created by beneficiaries for sale for which a basic price achieves all their objectives, or it might apply to sale of a charity calendar where the sale must cover its costs but where the charity wants to make it easy for the buyer to add a voluntary donation.

For services, charities might make provision for advisory services or consultation on the basis that people who can afford to pay for the services to so, but people who do not can have the services for free, or at a reduced charge.

Every time a sale is made, both the buyer and the charity receive a confirming email. The charity has access to all sales through the system at any time, through the "Fund-raiser Home" section that is found from "Charities Home -> Fund-Raisers -> Fund-raiser". Gift Aid arising during the sale is automatically accounted for.

The Pure Charity system is not designed as a replacement for a full sales facility. Its main limitations are set out below.

How to set up Sales
1. Go to Charities Home -> Fund-raising -> New Fund-Raiser

2. To set up the activity:
Enter details of the Fund-raiser (eg. "Charity Sales", "Book Sales" or "Consultations"). A couple of pointers are set out below.
2.1 Under "Type" select "Sale of Goods" or "Sale of Services"

2.2 Select whether you want members of the general public to see this activity. If you are selling charity produced goods, you probably will do. If you are giving consultancy to members only, you will probably not want to. If the activity is not visible to the general public, you will need to send a link to the people who you do want to visit.

2.3 The default bank details are those of the charity. If you want the funds paid into a different bank account, change the details as appropriate.

2.4 Click the "Post Details" button when are ready.

Once you have set up the activity, you need to set up details of each item you are selling.

3. To set up sales items:
3.1 Click the "Add Item" link.

(If it is not on the page you are at, you can find it at:
Members Home -> My Fund-raising -> Fund-raisers : then select the Fund raiser (which takes you to -> Fund-raiser Home)

3.2 Enter details of the item for sale. A couple of pointers are set out below:
3.2.1 Price : The price is the sales price of the item. No gift aid is available on any part of the sales price paid for. If you are suggesting an optional donation as well, the "Price" is the lowest amount you would accept to sell the item if no optional donation were paid.

3.2.2 Suggested Donation : You can suggest an amount you would like the buyer to donate to the charity over and above the sales price. You do not need to suggest any amount. If you do, the amount you are suggesting is the amount per item. If you do suggest a donation, it is presented to the buyer once the buyer as chosen how much to buy. The suggestion donation is entirely optional. The buyer can change the donation, either up or down and can even remove it altogether. Providing you are willing to sell the item even to buyers donate nothing, then the full amount of donation actually paid qualifies in full for gift aid.

3.2.3 Market Value : If you want buyers to see an estimate of the market value of what they are buying, you can enter it here. You do not need to enter anything if it will not help you to raise more funds.

3.2.4 When you are ready, click the "Post Details" button.

Repeat this process for every item you want to sell within this activity.

Gift Aid
Gift Aid may arise on additional donations made at the time of sale. Where this is the case, the Pure Charity system accounts for the Gift Aid, subject to the point in the following paragraph.

Gift Aid can be claimed only where payment is made. Where payments are made directly to the charity, details of the payment need to be entered to the Pure Charity system if the Pure Charity Gift Aid report is used as the basis for a Gift Aid claim. Payments can be entered through the section: Members Home -> My Income -> Enter Receipts

Limitations and Conditions
This is designed as a quick a easy facility for charities who sell the occasional item. It is not designed as a full sales system. In particular:

The system does not have a shopping cart facility. This means that buyers can buy unlimited quantities of each item, but they can only buy one item at a time. Buyers have to select an item, pay for it and, if they want buy another item, select it and pay for it separately, and so on.

It does not have a stock facility to disable sales when you have run out of stock. It does not provide the facility to allow buyers to choose between multiple items.

The system does not cater for VAT. For charities that are VAT registered, they must issue a formal VAT invoice outside the Pure Charity system in respect of each item sold.

The system allows payment for goods or services by cheque, bank transfer and standing order. It also accepts credit cards but with a fundamental condition. Where buyers/donors are not happy with their credit card payment, they have a legal right to repayment. Where payment has been passed through to the charity and the buyer/donor subsequently claims a refund, the charity must repay to Pure Charity the full amount of the donation, gross of any charges. This condition applies irrespective of the merits of the claim. In the event the charity believes the buyer/donor should not be entitled to a refund, the charity must deal directly with the buyer/donor and the funds are repayable to Pure Charity even if the buyer/donor relents.
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