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How to Remove a donation
There are occasions where you may want to remove a donation.

Examples are where a donor made a mistake and did not carry through with the donation, or where a standing order ceases.

Remove donations
You can remove donations as follows:

1. Go to Charities Home -> Income -> Enter Receipts

2. If the donation is not showing, adjust the criteria so the donation will be selected. (If still not showing, see notes below)

3. Tick the "Remove" box of the donations you want to remove

4. Click the "Batch Post" button at the foot of the page.

Donations can only be removed if they are identified by our system as unpaid.

Credit cards can not be corrected in any circumstances. If the credit card is successful, it can not be removed for the reason above. If the credit card is not successful, it will not appear in any of the donation reports (other than when you explicitly select unsuccessful credit card payments).
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