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How to Remove an event
Removing an event simply involves setting its expiry date to any date prior to today.

There are two types of removal:

a) To keep the event visible, but with sales no longer available:
Home -> Charity Home -> Fundraising -> Fundraisers -> Select event -> Fundraising Text

Set the "Deadline date" to the required date.

This option is useful where you have sold out of tickets by the event has not yet happened. Even though you have no more tickets to sell, people will still want to buy tickets. If you remove the event entirely, they will contact you to find out why the link they picked up from your publicity does not work. If you set the Deadline date but leave the Expiration date at a later date (or open), people will see that you have sold out. They still have the option to donate money to you, even if there are not tickets left to sell.

b) To remove the event entirely:

Carry out the same process as above, and set the "Expiration date" to the required date.

We suggest you set a date of around 3 months after the event. This allows people to check in from time to time, where perhaps they are not aware the event has finished.
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