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How to Update your details
Updating your details

1. For charities:

To update the general charity address, rather than the address relating to a specific event, go to:
Home -> Charity Home -> Settings

On that page, you can add or change details of users and addresses. The address that appears in the "Charities" section is the address that is flagged as the "Primary Address".

You can update the charity's published details by clicking on the charity name.

2. For donors:

Go to:
Home -> Donors Home -> My details.

3. To update the address of a specific event, to which cheques are sent amongst other things, go to:
Home -> Charity/Donors Home -> My Fund-raising -> Fundraisers

Then select the event, and, if appropriate, "Fundraising text"

Towards the bottom of the page, there is a section where you can update the postal address for cheques or correspondence.
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