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How To Gift Aid
To Gift Aid the donation, simply select "Yes" in the "Gift Aid" section.

If you want to understand more, explanatory details are provided at the bottom of the donation page. Examples of requirements to qualify for Gift Aid are you need to be a tax payer, you need to be giving the donation in your own name, and you need to enter your home address.

Most of the requirements for Gift Aid are handled through PureCharity.

You need to make a Gift Aid claim yourself. For help with the claim, go to "Charity Home -> Income -> Gift Aid Claim". Select the dates of the claim, and click the "Spreadsheet" format. You can then copy the entries and paste them directly into your HMRC Gift Aid claim spreadsheet.

Note that our Gift Aid report deals only with payments we know about. For credit card payments, you can assume that our report is complete. For payments by cheque and bank transfer, our report will only reflect the donation if you have entered the receipt to our system. To enter receipts to our system, go to "Members Home -> My Income -> Enter Receipts"

When you submit your spreadsheet, HMRC carry out a very basic validation check. Three tips are below:

a) Original Copy
When you copy the PureCharity spreadsheet, use the Paste Special command to paste the numbers, text and dates only to the HMRC spreadsheet. If you copy the format as well (eg. using a conventional copy), the submission will fail.

b) Post Codes
A valid post code looks like this: "SL1 8WD".
  • Post Codes must be in upper case. eg. "SL1 8wd" will fail

  • Post codes must have a space. eg. "SL18WD" will fail

  • Post codes must be complete. eg. "SL1" will fail

c) Dates
Dates must be in a date format, dd/mm/yy. A text equivalent of "22/12/13" will not succeed. If your submission fails with an invalid date format, you may need to convert a text date to the correct date format:
  • Copy the cells in the date column to a new column, with the formula:
    =DATE(YEAR(H2), MONTH(H2), DAY(H2))
    where H2 is the cell containing the date

  • Copy the new cell, and use the "paste special" command to paste it as a number (eg. 42334)

  • Copy the new number back to the original date column.

  • Format the number as a Date, in the display format "dd/mm/yy"

  • Delete the redundant cells
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