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How to Donate
This section explains how to donate to a charity through this website. (This facility is entirely free. We make no charges for any part of your donation, either to you or the charity.)

To make a donation

All you need to do is find a Charity, Appeal/Event or Sponsorship to which you want to donate (from the menu bar at the top of the page), then click to see its details and finally click the "Donate" button on its page.

When asked, fill in your details and click the "Payment" button that matches how you want to pay.

If you are paying by credit card, you can then fill in your credit card details. If you are paying by cheque or bank transfer, just make your payment as instructed.

To obtain tax relief

For UK tax payers, tax relief is available simply by choosing the option to treat the payment as Gift Aid. With no further effort, your selected charity/charities will be able to reclaim tax (around 28% of your payment) on receipt of your donation.

  • Standard rate tax payers
    Your tax relief is given by treating your payment as having been made net of standard rate tax.

  • Higher rate tax payers
    The basic rate relief is deemed to have been given to you when you make your payment. A further 23% or so is available to you as a reduction to your tax bill. Simply list out all payments you have made during the year and list them in your tax return. Your tax bill will be reduced accordingly.
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